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Monday, August 13, 2007

Bush And DU: A 4.5 Billion year Legacy

By Jeff Berg
12 August, 2007Countercurrents.org
مقال عن أخطار قنابل اليوارنيوم المنضب و التي تولد ذرات صغيرة مشعة بصغر حبات التراب و يمكن أستنشاقها لتستقر داخل جسم الأنسان و تعرض خلايا الجسم القريبة الى أضرار الأشعاع الجسيمة
If the Bush family and their coterie of handlers were looking for a long lasting legacy they most surely have found the longest lasting one possible by their sanctioning of DU munitions.

DU stands for Depleted Uranium and is what is left over after one has finished the process of making a nuclear bomb.This poison will remain toxic for 4.5 billion years. The American military has acknowledged having a billion pounds of the stuff, how much more it really has is anybody's guess and at such levels what does it really matter?

After all inhaling a couple of microns of this stuff is the equivalent to about 50 times the legal allowable limit of radioactivity for someone who works at a nuclear power plant. It is also the equivalent in one breath of the damage it would take a pack a day smoker 20 years worth of smoky inhales to 'achieve'.The U.S. military keeps this billion pounds worth of material under lock and key in guarded military installations, underground, contained by cement and stored in barrels because they have known since 1943 just how dangerous is this stuff. It is at its most dangerous when broken down into tiny particles and aerosolized. This is how the U.S. Army first used this substance after the Second World War testing its properties as a weaponized gas. The geniuses at DARPA (R&D team for the Pentagon) have however gone that one better.And what has American military science done with this nightmare leftover from the making of tens of thousands of nuclear bombs? It has used it to make ordnance and munitions.

You see DU is 1.7 times the density of lead and goes through armour plating like the proverbial hot knife through butter. Simultaneously it is pyroforic (burns) and when it bursts into flames it releases millions of micron sized toxic DU particles into the air. The result of the use of thousands of tons of DU munitions in Gulf Wars I and II has been to spread trillions of micron sized particles of Depleted Uranium into the sands and air of Iraq. At least that is where it started its life or rather better said its death march. The Middle East is after all rather well known for sands and dust and winds and so where it will stop its 4.5 billion year journey nobody knows.

Sufficed to say every corner of the world can expect to be visited many upon many times before this unholy waste has run the natural course of its unnatural life. If you'd like to know more about this crime against the planet and humanity simply Google: Leuren Moret DU Dr. Moret is an atomic physicist who used to work for the American military industrial complex and now has lectured in more than 40 countries worldwide about the horrors and hazards of DU munitions.


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Samarra Minrate built in 852 AD
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Abbasid Caliph al-Mutawakkil, probably in 852-3 (Northedge, Historical Topography of Samarra, pp 125-127, 240). The palace is said to have cost 33 million dirhams, and was luxurious. Details are given by al-Shabushti, Kitab al-Diyarat.
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