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Tadhamun (solidarity) is an Iraqi women organization, standing by Iraqi women's struggle against sectarian politics in Iraq. Fighting for equal citizenship across ethnicities and religions, for human rights, and gender equality.

جمعية تضامن تدعم المساواة في المواطنة بغض النظر عن الأنتماء الأثني أو الديني وتسعى من أجل العدالة الأجتماعية و حماية حقوق الأنسان في العراق

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wikileals Links

Iraq's Secret War Files - Dispatches Wikileaks Special

Please note this is a video released by the UK foreign office dated 19th Dec 2008. Dr Nawal Samarie, the then minister for women affairs blew the whistle on the abuse of women prisoners in US and Iraqi custody. She resigned less than two months later.

The Independent on Sunday always knew, if Tony Blair did not, that war has a terrible tendency to go wrong. That is why the bar for resort to military action has to be set very high indeed. This weekend the diabolic consequences of a reckless American reaction to 9/11, invading a country that had no

They do know but shamelessly don't tell

From Dr Imad Khadduri's blog

Reference the previous posting "Do they know, or don't they?" Aug 3, 2010

"Although US generals have claimed their army does not carry out body counts and British ministers still say no official statistics exist, the war logs show these claims are untrue. The field reports purport to identify all civilian and insurgent casualties, as well as numbers of coalition forces wounded and killed in action. They give a total of more than 109,000 violent deaths from all causes between 2004 and the end of 2009.

This includes 66,081 civilians, 23,984 people classed as "enemy" and 15,196 members of the Iraqi security forces. Another 3,771 dead US and allied soldiers complete the body count.

However, the US figures appear to be unreliable in respect of civilian deaths caused by their own military activities. For example, in Falluja, the site of two major urban battles in 2004, no civilian deaths are recorded. Yet Iraq Body Count monitors identified more than 1,200 civilians who died during the fighting. "
Iraq war logs: secret files show how US ignored torture October 22, 2010

Wikileaks Iraq: data journalism maps every death October 23, 2010

The following query came by email from a close friend:
"Salam Abu Tamam,

I have been following the Wiki Leaks documents through Al-Jazeera. I have known about the atrocities all along.

Yet I am just wondering about the lack of information relating to the role of the Mossad? How come there is absolutely no mention of them and their role in these 400,000 documents?

Who killed and is killing the scientists and the intellectuals of Iraq?

And if Iran has been blamed for their assassinations, what is their gain?"

Is it possible that the "leaked documents" mentioning the Mossad have been already filtered out?"

I kindly ask for your comment on this to be posted below.

PS: Note from another friend
"One problem with what is being reported on the WikiLeaks Iraq war logs
is the civilian death numbers are being reported as estimates. They
are not. There are documented. They are a minimum, not a reasonable
estimate. The two can be very different, especially in a situation of
massive violence."
A Problem with WikiLeaks Reporting October 22, 2010

"Apparently WikiLeaks has redacted names and perhaps other information from the public version of the War Logs. This might be an obstacle, but there might be ways around this.

See: http://www.wikileaks.org/ for access to the War Logs.
Also http://wikileaks.org/iraq/diarydig

We at the Institute for Public Accuracy think it could be of great value if veterans and others examined the war logs and fleshed out the reports, giving the full story or made corrections of various incident reports.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are able to do this -- and I'd encourage you to reach out to others, veterans, NGO workers and others who might be able to do this. This is an important opening to correct alot of the record of the Iraq war.

best regards,
Sam Husseini
cell: 1-202-421-6858     1-202-421-6858      

Institute for Public Accuracy
980 National Press Building, Washington, D.C. 20045
1-(202) 347-0020          1-(202) 347-0020       * http://www.accuracy.org/

End of post from Dr Imad Khadduri's blog Free Iraq

What the Wikileaks leaks don't reveal

By Kamil Mahdi
Iraqi academic based in Britain and Fellow of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam
24 October 2010
This culture of violence and abuse seamlessly merges with a military practice that places almost no value of Iraqi life, including that of civilians.
The leaked and reported documents show the flimsy bureaucratic cover-up for occupation violence in its daily routine. The leaks reveal beyond doubt the direct responsibility of occupation forces for much and perhaps most of the violence in Iraq, as perpetrators or as ever present and enabling witnesses to local units the occupation has fostered and which it continue to protect, support, train and “mentor”. 

Petition sign and circulate:

Release Iraqi women hostages, victims of terrorism themselves

بعيدا عن الوطن؛ حراك التضامن مع الوطن فنا، شعرا وكتابةً
Away from Home; Memory, Art and women solidarity: you are invited to an evening of poetry and music 22/3/2017 18:30 at P21 Gallery London click here for more details
Public meeting at The Bolivar Hall, London Sat.14/5/2016 at 15:00 IDPs : Fragmentation of Cultural and National Identity


Protest the suffering of Iraqi Christians: No to terrorism No to state terrorism.Hands off our minorities. Hands off our people. Shame on the human rights violators on all sides. Assemble 11:30 on 28/7/14 near Parliament Square, near Westminister tube station London. For more past events click here


Useful links

Halt All Executions! Abolish The Death Penalty!

We women of Tadhamun condemn the persisting practice of arbitrary arrests by the Iraqi security forces. We condemn their arrests of women in lieu of their men folk. These are 'inherited' practices. We are alarmed by credible media reports of the Green Zone government’s intentions of executing hundreds of Iraqi men and women.

For more info click here

Professor Zaineb Al Bahrani of Columbia University NY speaking at a our meeting on the destruction/damage to historical sites in Iraq

On youtube: Part1
Part 3
One more video:

Human Rights Watch: No woman is Safe


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المقالات المنشورة على هذا الموقع لا تعكس بالضرورة آراء منظمتنا أو أعضاء منظمتنا

Samarra Minrate built in 852 AD

Samarra Minrate built in 852 AD
Building of 1 500 massive police station !
From the angle of the photo, it is possible to calculate that the complex is being built at E 396388 N 3785995 (UTM Zone 38 North) or Lat. 34.209760° Long. 43.875325°, to the west of the Malwiya (Spiral Minaret), and behind the Spiral Cafe.
While the point itself may not have more than Abbasid houses under the ground, it is adjacent to the palace of Sur Isa, the remains of which can be seen in the photo. While the initial construction might or might not touch the palace, accompanying activities will certainly spread over it.Sur Isa can be identified with the palace of al-Burj, built by the
Abbasid Caliph al-Mutawakkil, probably in 852-3 (Northedge, Historical Topography of Samarra, pp 125-127, 240). The palace is said to have cost 33 million dirhams, and was luxurious. Details are given by al-Shabushti, Kitab al-Diyarat.
Samarra was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO at the end of June. The barracks could easily have been built elsewhere, off the archaeological site.--
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